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Hubert Sumlin Blues Guitar P2 - with Jimmy Vivino, Levon  Helm, David Johanson and Michael Merritt on bass

Hubert uses his thumb and forefinger to strum and articulate melody notes and switches between rhythm and "lead" any time he feels it will embellish the song - although he makes it plain Wolf had the ultimate authority! SRV's style is brought to mind although Stevie was a flat picker mostly. In any event I don't see anything in Huberts' guitar style to inhibit the intrepid lick stealer like you must want to be in order to buy this viciously cool guitar DVD!

Hubert doesn't care if you have a metronome or not but everyone else will care - Huberts 'time' while going through basically 12 bar blues progressions is a groove feel with variations even though it appears he is a bit out of practice at first he quickly warms up. He has a great band there with him too and that really helps you get a sense of how it was done.

You see Hubert Sumlin is an original blues master and since Howlin Wolf passed on years ago. Hubert hasn't been playing this material every night out on the road like he did for years. Still since he wrote these songs which are regarded as classic we are going to learn from the source as he shares with us some of his superb guitar playing and songsmithing.

Hubert Sumlin Menu
  • Ch 1: Intro
  • Ch 2:Hubert's early influences
  • Ch 3: "All Your Love" licks
  • Ch 4: Picking techniques
  • Ch 5: "Killing Floor" Acoustic
  • Ch 6: "Killing Floor" Electric
  • Ch 7: 'Killing Floor" performance
  • Ch 8: "Smokestack Lightning"
  • Ch 9: "Smokestack Lightning" performance
  • Ch 10: "Hidden Charms"
  • Ch 11: "Hidden Charms" broken down
  • Ch 12: Playing up the neck
  • Ch 13: "My Mind is Ramblin'"
  • Ch 14: "Going Down Slow"
  • Ch 15: "Going Down Slow" Performance
  • Ch 16: "Forty Four"
  • Ch 17: "Forty Four" Performance
  • Ch 18: Changing time / half bars
  • Ch 19: "Little Red Rooster"
  • Ch 20: "Little Red Rooster" Performance
  • Ch 21: Outro
  • Ch 22: "Evil"

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