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50 Licks Jazz Style ~ Bruce Buckingham Page Two

 back coverI think a big part of Jazz guitar is knowing guitar chord scales. There are 3 or 4 that I am more comfortable with the fingerings and don't require huge stretches. These easy scales and a few that aren't so easy chord scales are in the jazz method book.

Our instructor here is Mr. Bruce Buckingham and he is a fine fellow indeed since he also wrote the Complete Guide to Rhythm Guitar Digital Presentation and Book. Which I absolutely recommend without question. Get the Book & get the disc accompanying same. Don't confuse this book with the jazz method book. Buy Both!

The licks in this lesson are all played over a ii V I jazz chord progression rhythm track. Its short, just 2 bars. It might be Bb for a few Licks and then change to a different key. But the position you are playing is an E shaped Bar chord. Think A minor pentatonic or A Major Pentatonic and maybe the pentatonic box position either side of it. So if you know your pentatonic scales pretty well you can more easily remember these jazz licks

The Rhythm Track begins and you see Bruce play a real nice little jazz melody over it. You can sort of tell where you are from doing your chord scales and playing the 2-5-1 progression in varying combinations. My goal was, and still is, to seamlessly mix the chords with the melody. Bruce doesn't tell you which jazz chords to use. He tells you the chord number ID and its up to you to play it where you know how if you want to learn the chords. There is a lean but mean pamphlet which is extremely handy and useful even with the DVD off. It has all the licks in it. Its up to you to provide yourself with a reference points. The chord shapes.

This is also fun when you're tired of theory and just want to learn some good jazz guitar licks that are fun to play and that's what these are. They make sense and flow together very well. I'll wager learning all 50 of these licks would be mind blowing. One leads to the next by design. Leading to improvisation perhaps. You could spend several weeks here honing your chops or months even. What learning Chuck Berry is to rock this is to jazz. Maybe, kinda, in my opinion. You don't need to know a single chord to play these 2 bar jazzy melodies/licks. Amazing. Accustom your self to the major tonalities by TAB and number. People will be listening to you slack jawed. Your blues buddies will abandon you and your cat go into heat. You'll get a weird haircut and waste your life away. You'll smoke a pipe and wear socks with sandals. You will want a jazz guitar. I recommend this guitar lesson as you can start to play jazz melody with out all the theory.

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