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 back coverOne is the Beckolgy column from Andy's IN Deep column in Guitar World Magazine and the other looks to be made for Sleepwalk and its four pages with Tab and chord charts too thank you very much.

Still we don't quite reach 40 minutes in total guitar lesson time. If you are Jeff Beck fan buy it anyway! Its excellent for what you do get.

All through this Andy does not divulge his guitar settings. He never does. What's is up with that Andy? If we wanted to find out for our selves we wouldn't have ordered your lesson now would we? Cut us some slack. So I go on line and Jeff's got a Hughes and Kettner Roto sphere, Klon Centaur overdrive pedal, Snarling Dog Whine-O Wah pedal and a Way Huge Octo-Puss Analog Delay or a Strymon since they came out last year. That list is not etched in stone or anything though. The thought of buying all those effects separately is a financially discouraging. Simply buy a good learner amp with effects built in. Line 6 Spider Jam or Fender Mustang series or even Peavey USA. Be sure and read my upcoming review of Michael Caswell's Jeff Beck Guitar Lesson. It clears up some issues. Cass also he has a tremelo arm lesson too. If you are just getting into rock, Andy Aledort's Beginning Blues Guitar is a treasure map with tasty bread crumbs.

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