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But that's just one of the styles. In a couple of these examples there is a substantial, even a surprising amount of melody notes almost lead guitar interspersed in the rhythms. Bass runs too. Chromatic melody moving you up to the four chord and the five and then back. Funk, Jazz, Rock a variety of moves.

Since the first example is a Texas style SRV raucous little ditty called Dave's Boogie and has a shuffle feel and Dave explains the rhythm really well and how to slow down the 2nd note of the triplet to come just after the first triplet count I feel like this is a score!! Something I can use to play the blues!

Dave also talks about counting time Unbelievable!!! He does this quite a bit and tells you the strumming pattern you should use D U D DDD (down/up) for example which is AWESOME for a teacher to do. Why more of them don't do it is probably to do with divide and conquer financial scheming and marketing!

Each of these examples have something to offer with the usual provisos: You have done some guitar homework, know your major scale, have maybe 15 or 20 chords already under your fingers so you can glimmer what is going on. Also you need an amp and electric guitar and/or an acoustic guitar. However Dave says the lessons will work either way.

Appreciate that after he plays each of the 8 examples, he breaks them down for us so you are getting basically 16 segments to play with. He has a tuning section and its all in standard tuning. Impressive and some hard work too but doable and treats you like a human being instead of a sucker! There is one born every minute.

There is some good stuff here for rock guitarists without getting into all those extended jazz chords so many others pretend is rock or blues.

There are a few such chords charted out for you and it wont do you any harm to learn them hopefully. Minor and Major 7th chords are a must know if you want to learn the diatonic chord scales. You need those at the very least.

  • Ch 1: Blues/Rock in A Dave's Boogie
  • Ch 2: Malaguena in E
  • Ch 3: Funk/Rock in G Minor
  • Ch 4: Blues Rock in A
  • Ch 5: Blues Rock in B minor
  • Ch 6: Jazz Rock in E Space Walk
  • Ch 7: Funk Rock in E
  • Ch 8: Heavy Metal Rock with power chords in A in 12/8

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