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So I use my pick and hybrid pick the written finger picking patterns in the books and pamphlets and have gained some facility which is encouraging. The even badder way to do it is like Chet Atkins and banjo players just use thumb pick. You really only need two digits. Merle mostly uses two, sometimes three.

harmony and theory back coverSection One of song 1: Wasting no time Stuart immediately starts us out on the 8 bar, ten to ten introductory rhythm of Rock This Town which initially is a jazzy sort of swing rhythm using the basic open position D chord and he plays it with a flat pick!

In section two of song one we have a continuation of the Intro using a D5 chord playing eighth note triplets. Then we come to a series of chords where we begin to hybrid pick and do some hammering-on in the fifth position.

In section three, song one we do the identifying Cab Calloway (Is you Is or is you not) type bass walk down four times.

We come to the second verse and repeat the D5 rock and roll lick. Stuart takes us through the whole song in good style.

He next teaches us the remaining 4 songs in this guitar lesson with the same exactitude and organization. There are also sub menus within each song.

I am very pleased about the extremely minimal hybrid picking aspect on the right hand side and heartily recommend this guitar lesson. There are a few lead guitar solos taught depending on the song and these are cool licks that we want to learn if we like Brian Setzer and Rockabilly.

Also all five of these songs are great up-beat songs you could play on a gig or alter aspects of to incorporate into your own compositions.

The songs included here are well composed but for the most part easier to play on the guitar than they sound.

Now if you do want to see hybrid picking in the rockabilly style you should also consider both of Steve Trovato's Scotty Moore and Brian Setzer style guitar offerings. Here the producers use poetic license when they say Brian Setzer or Scotty Moore. What they should really say is "In the style of" Brian and Scotty. You may learn a few trade mark licks but no songs. In this lesson, on the other hand, Stuart really does teach you Brian Setzer's songs!

Lastly I have also reviewed a guitar lesson by Brian Setzer himself and have come to understand that great guitar player and singer that he is...he has also derived his style from those who came before like Scotty Moore, Cliff Gallup, Paul Burlinson, Eddie Cochrane and many more. That is a guitar lesson you can learn a lot from too. Still the hybrid picking aspect isn't covered as much by Brian as I would like.

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