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Best of Guitar World Video Lessons Joe Satriani is up for 7 minutes and he talks the appeal of Jimi Hendrix soloing and breaking free from the constraints of form.

Joe finally plays a note about half way through and plays a few bars of blues progression touching very lightly for us where he might solo in the bar.

He then mixes up the major and minor third which is a nice example thereof.  He is using the box only to show us his own learning process many long hours of study ago.

Joe is from a musical family and has been playing like he was bred to it.

The we touch on Articulation one of Joe's favorite topics. So where is the Jimi Hendrix? Nada on Jimi. Joe is a great guitarist but I don't own any of his records. Perfect is boring.

Yet another Italian last name guitar player John Petrucci is on deck for 10 minutes with sequences - small melodic ideas and trying to expand them by moving across octaves using diagonal fret board motion.

John takes us to an Em bar chord at the 7th fret and shows us a 4 note sequence B E F# G. That note sequence could be used over other chords in the progression. He expands this by moving the pattern shape (which stays the same) over the G string E note on the 9th fret and then on to the B string note at the 12th fret to do it again. Then he gets fancy and has a lot of effects in his chain.

Its advanced and he reads music too. If you have a guitar exercise regimen already like an hour a day or two even and have been at it for a while this will give you a nice over view of creative ideas all resulting from hours of practice. Then he adds a note and plays around in different octaves.

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