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Speaking of links here is my choices for learning Aaron T-Bone Walker the right way.  Matt Brandt's Jump Blues is the best choice but Duke Robillard is best first choice for novices.

Andy also does a real decent Lesson of guitar solos. Focusing only 'in the style of' T-Bone which is serious learning the fret board business. But if you really want know what you are doing then go for Jump Blues its 2 in one box and it has a T-Bone section too. Andy is a great guitar teacher and this is just a highlights gig anyway filling in some gaps.

Django Reinhardt is next for 6 minutes or so. Here we get a highlight of Mr. Rhienhardts' oeuvre the well known 4 to the bar up tempo A minor jazz blues. Hot Jazz of Paris during the 1930's and '40's was Django's Band with Stephan Grapelli. Here was someone who instinctively enjoyed playing the guitar and had a talent for it.

Still I bet he practiced his gypsy-jazz butt off to get that good. That might have been easier than you think with gypsy guitars being pulled out every night around the camp fire. Free lessons and discipline too no doubt. Andy rattles it off. You need the rhythm to play the solos. Sounds like the Doors Show Me the Way to the Next Whiskey Bar until the gypsy jazz solo. Its in A harmonic minor with Am and Dm arpeggio's.

Andy takes his time and explains the licks over the chords but not if you are just picking up the guitar for the 20th time. Look for my other Django style review. Basically you have to learn to play rhythm guitar to play this style or most anything else. In general Am Blues is a flower to take nectar from and should be one of the first you try to have fun with.

Jimi Hendrix is our next Guitar Deity. We look at his soloing style using the D blues scale in standard tuning and a wah wah pedal is heard but not seen. Andy is using the bridge pickup. Pentatonic and major bends along with staccato and wah wah sound great! We get 3 minutes of tasty wah-wah activity.

Brian Setzer is next and a litany of his influences is recited. Brian had guitar lessons from 11 years old; I read his interview in Guitar Player. Its a great Guitar Magazine. Once again this is soloing in the style of Brian and again I recommend Jump Blues to learn this. 4 minutes on Brian and some nice chord work too.

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