Brian Setzer Rockabilly Guitar Techniques
- Steve Trovato Page Two

harmony and theory back cover Its doesn't take long to get through the rockabilly basics and right away we begin learning some cool, new, jangley, twangely, countrified rockabilly licks that sound great.

These licks are a hair away from Blues licks played in the same positions practically but have their own unique sound.

What a great instrument the guitar is to be able to get so many different sounds from.

Then Steve shows us some major and minor diatonic third moves that you just have to become familiar with in each of the one, four and five positions.

Most all of these examples use a 12 bar blues structure so there is a lot of I, IV, V movement. This I, IV, V movement is basically what you use to garner fret board awareness. And will improve your confidence the more familiar you become with it. Guitar pundits usually teach this in guitar Harmony focused lessons.

In section three Steve shows us a classic rockabilly style rhythm only he uses hybrid finger picking with the right hand and if there is one thing that really bugs me its learning fingerpicking patterns, especially complicated ones, with out a TAB chart which can make things so much blooming' easier.

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