Rockabilly Guitar - Fred Sokolow Page Three

Fred himself agrees and suggests you buy his book which I haven't read and maybe the best guitar reference book out there for all I know. I went on site looking for it and couldn't find it. Typical. I am not sure what to tell you about this guitar lesson. One the one hand it has some day one or two guitar learning techniques and on the other it has more advanced finger picking techniques and chords.

This is sort of a hodge podge, lackadaisical approach where as I prefer a more linear structure. I want to go from point A to point B and to understand before moving on to Point C. This guitar lesson doesn't do that - its asymmetrical, its confusing and if you use it at your first introduction to guitar you are going to be left with more questions than answers.

It wont hurt to own this if you have been studying guitar for some time as it offers a different perspective and other guitar players as examples. Also if you buckle down with the very pleasant pamphlet you may get a lot more out of it. 

The pamphlet is nice because the type is well set by professionals rather than somebodies girl friend and larger than usual so people that don't have 20/20 vision will feel more comfortable.

Also it has the chord charts for each song right there for you so if you don't know any of the chords you can start to learn them right there. I am not panning this guitar lesson but I am not raving about it either.

It depends where you are on the guitar learning path and if you aren't sure then perhaps you better read a few reviews where I do rave about a guitar lesson and give you my opinion about where to best start your journey from. Rockabilly Guitar isn't as easy as many try to make it sound by a long shot.

    Rockabilly Guitar - Fred Sokolow
  • Ch 1: Opening credits
  • Ch 2: Lesson Intro
  • Ch 3: Tuning string and Hardware
  • Ch 4: Matchbox Blues licks in E
  • Ch 5: Breakdown Matchbox Blues licks in E
  • Ch 6: Little Sister
  • Ch 7: That will be the day
  • Ch 8: Lightning Hopkins licks
  • Ch 9: Movable Licks and T-Bone Walker
  • Ch 10: Additional chords up the neck
  • Ch 11: Matchbox Blues single string lines in "A"
  • Ch 12: Moveable licks in solos
  • Ch 13: Blue suede shoes
  • Ch 14: That's all right Mama: movable chords with finger picking
  • Ch 15: Movable Blues scale and improvising
  • Ch 16: Chuck Berry Licks
  • Ch 17: Matchbox Blues solo combining different licks
  • Ch 18: Split Screen
  • Ch 19: That will be the day solos & licks
  • Ch 20: Split Screen
  • Ch 21: Blue Suede Shoes combining solos and lick
  • Ch 22: Split Screen
  • Ch 23: Final thoughts

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