T-Bone Walker - electric blues - with Duke Robillard Page Two

Bone wrote Stormy Monday after all, which is, or should be, one of the first songs you learn on guitar. That's song is not included on this but 5 others are from his many years long career. T-Bone appealed to both white and black audiences and was sophisticated harmonically - he played with an orchestra too.

Flat pickers will feel right at home here although Mr. Walker did have some idiosyncratic playing habits of his own we don't have to emulate by playing exactly the way he did to play his songs.

Although he appears to be holding the guitar in a fairly normal fashion in the cover photo above, he also played the guitar flat like a lap position only using the strap so the strings were facing the ceiling.

He would fret from underneath however which is quite an accomplishment. The right hand must have been flat as well.

That's is going to effect the way you play no doubt in unexpected ways and contribute to your style.

Also a lot of it is showmanship, to differentiate yourself from the pack but according to Lowell Fulson: "when he'd get ready to riff he'd drop it down so he could swing his box you understand. But when he really got down to playing, he'd turn it up, push it out from him and go to work on it."

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