Guitar Tremelo Bar Techniques - Michael Casswell Page Four

beck pedals 3Mike then starts us in on exercises in the Pitching Notes with the Bar section where we do a bend without the tremelo arm and try to replicate it with the tremelo arm, various bends, half step, whole step and so on.

In the Scooping Notes and Chords section he has us playing scales and hitting the bar after each note and bringing it back to the note.

There are a lot of why didn't I think of that moments and some original enactments. Then he does some very nice rhythm things while strumming a chord and then giving it a bump or two. Very nice! Still he doesn't explain his signal chain settings to us.

I have to admit Mike is a better teacher than some and even showed us the A chord just now. OMG! No seriously! He explained something he didn't have to! Its that extra bit that makes the difference.

Also he has some finesse which is a virtue. So I will wrap this up and give this one my blessing. If you already own plenty of guitar toys and can generate some effects to go along with the quite interesting ideas Mike shows us you will learn some new ways to use your whammy bar.

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